Dining With Karma

 "Dining With Karma" began to evolve when Lovin was very young and cooking for her family and friends, not realizing the gift that she was blessed with to please the taste buds.  She accredits her late father, Charles E. Bailey, Jr. for most of her skills.  She said he could "make a meal out of anything".  Eventually Lovin's friends and family told her that she was missing her true calling.  After hearing this for years, she finally decided that this was something that she needed to explore.  She did not realize that something that she loved to do so much and so effortlessly could help her to take care of her family.

After years of private parties and cooking for church functions Lovin opened 'Carma's Kitchen', selling platters on the weekends (see the "Daily Meal Menu), in addition to working a full time job during the week.  Sometimes overwhelmed with the response that she was receiving on the weekends, she knew this was something that needed to expand, eventually moving into catering.

Why don’t you have Lovin cook for you today?  Whether it is a gala event or just a private dinner with you and that special someone in which you want a jazzy ambiance with your own private professional chef and a server, you won’t be disappointed.  The food is bursting with flavors that are sure to please.  Although Lovin says she can 'cook just about anything' she admits that she absolutely loves to prepare soul food and seafood.  She says, "my father, grandfather and uncle were the guru's of seafood.  Catching it, prepping it and cooking it..",  and the soul food skills come from many of the paternal and maternal members of her family both old and young.  "More people in my family CAN cook than NOT..." she says.

Dining With Carma’s food is nothing like that of typical catering services.  Our chefs and cooks prepare all of the food and do all of the seasoning. Everything that we cook is seasoned by us, no pre-seasoned food.  Our fruits and vegetables are 'always' purchased fresh, no more than two days prior to your event.  The meats are always fresh and juicy, the burgers and sausages are flame grilled and cooked just the way you like it.  And the seafood is a must-try-to-believe experience, using recipes of several generations.

"My grandmother, God rest her precious soul, use to tell me and my cousins all the time, 'no matter what you do in life, you should love to do it and be your best at it', i'm finally doing that Mommy.  Thank you for your wisdom."

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